Jul 17, 2021

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I'd never really enjoyed running until this year. But for some reason, I decided to download the NHS's Couch to 5K app a few months ago. I'm now running ~5 kilometers three days per week and doing strength workouts three days per week.

Thinking about longevity, climate change, and space

I typically use the term 'longevity' because it's more widely understood but what I really mean is extending healthspan.

I'll share more about these three at a later date.

Working at a startup

Working as a software engineer at Daisie. I have a tonne of responsibility and the team are lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again when we enter a post-COVID world.

Living in London

I move around every few months, mostly within the UK. I enjoy experiencing new places and it helps set mental markers in the blur of life. It's easier to remember when an event happened if you were only living in that place for a few months.

It's made packing much easier too. Or maybe it's less about the packing and more about getting rid of things I don't need. Last year, I was able to work remotely for several months with just a large backpack and a small suitcase.

Honestly, the most difficult part has been finding somewhere suitable for remote work. Many Airbnbs claim to have a 'laptop friendly workplace', but (in my experience) that often translates to a hard wooden chair on a dining room table or even sitting on your bed. It's awful for your back and just not sustainable for weeks or months.

Listening to audiobooks

Last year I finished the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (HPMOR) audiobook / podcast. It's sooo good. Hilarious, insightful, brilliantly written. I feel like this quote best describes how I felt after it finished:

"You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend." ~Paul Sweeney

In search for something to fill a HPMOR-shaped hole in my heart, I found Worm. Again, it's brilliantly written. I've spent too many nights lying in bed until 3 am listening to this audiobook / podcast. Both HPMOR and Worm are up there in my top 5 books of all time.

I'm now listening to Ward, the sequel to Worm.

Trying to write every day

This section was last updated on 23 Jan, 2021

Three days ago I decided to try writing every day for 14 days. So far I'm on day 4 and enjoying it. Honestly, I wouldn't have remembered today or yesterday if I hadn't started using my bedroom calendar for tracking it. Days where I publish a blog post get a tick; the others get a cross.

I reckon that a large contributor to not sticking to new 'daily habits' is just forgetting about it after a few days, before it's embedded in your routine. The calendar is a simple visual reminder and it's working so far.