My routine (in early 2021)

Jan 30, 2021

I thought might be interesting to note down my current routine (or at least what I try to do) so I can look back and observe how it changes.

My current routine

I don't usually follow this routine exactly. It's more like an approximation of what I'd like my routine to be on an ideal day.

  1. Wake up and drink some water
  1. Start writing a blog post for half an hour (although, I've recently been writing at night instead)
  1. Start work, continue for an hour or two
  1. Tea or coffee and (sometimes) a turmeric or matcha latte alongside it
  1. Work for another hour or two
  1. Exercise and shower
    1. If I'm going for a run, have a glass of 'Plant Based BCAA & Coconut Water' beforehand.

      If I'm doing a workout, have 'Raw Plant Protein & BCAA' post-workout.

  1. Lunch: mixed nuts, berries, banana, flax seeds, dried fruit.
  1. Go outside into the garden for a few minutes, especially if the sun's out (a rare sight in winter). Sometimes I'll stand and eat breakfast or listen to a bit of the Worm audiobook
  1. Continue working for a few hours
  1. Dinner
  1. Evening
  1. A few hours before bed, I'll put on my orange glasses (for reducing blue light)
  1. Sometimes I'll do some streching while listening to the Worm audiobook before bed

Some extra details

I try to stay hydrated and keep my metal water bottle topped up.

I have tea / coffee a couple hours after waking up because I'm doing 16-8 intermittent fasting (8 hour eating window; 16 hour fasting window). I've been doing it casually for the last few years but just recently started tracking my eating windows.

On weekdays, I usually alternate between coffee and green tea. I don't want to become dependent on caffeine so I try to avoid having coffee for multiple days in a row (although green tea does have some caffeine in it). For that reason, I rarely ever have tea or coffee on weekends. The idea is that it gives my body time to clear out any caffeine that's left in my blood (caffeine has a mean half life of 5 hours in healthy individuals so a small percentage is still in your blood after 24 hours).

What's missing from my routine?

  • Meditation. I've done short meditation sessions (5 to 20 minutes) sporadically for the last few years, but I haven't managed to stick to it regularly

I'm looking forward to look back at how much or little my routine has changed by summer 2021.