Inaction is a choice

Mar 02, 2021

I recently stumbled across an idea that I'd heard a while back then forgotten: inaction is a choice.

When something comes up and I choose to ignore it, that's a choice. Sometimes it's a good choice, other times it's not a good choice.


In either case, it's important that the decision is made consciously and with an effort to revisit the task later if needed. Otherwise, I may let inaction can become avoidance or procrastination.

Sometimes I'll ignore non-urgent messages or emails that come through while I'm focusing on work. The idea is that I'm choosing inaction now so I can focus on work then reply later. But I'm not so good at the 'come back to it later' part. It's easy to forget to come back to something or to put off even trivial tasks. I want to get better at that.