Giving 1%

Nov 14, 2021

The issues we're facing in the world can be pretty overwhelming and it's hard to know how a single person can have an impact. One option is to donate to charity, but some charities are ineffective so it's important to be thoughtful about where you donate.

Effective giving made easy

A couple months ago, I visited my friend, Adam, who runs a chapter of One for the World. The idea behind One for the World is to tackle extreme poverty by donating 1% of your income towards effective charities.

I love the idea. It has a measurable impact and simplifies the cognitive overhead with donating:

  • Where should I donate? I can donate to One for the World's Top Picks list so I don't need to do my own (probably ineffective) research. The list is updated every year based on the latest research from GiveWell.
  • How much should I donate? 1% of my income (or more if you want)
  • How often should I donate? Every month when my salary comes in (you can set it up so donations are automatic)
  • What's the impact? The Life You Can Save's impact calculator shows what a donation can accomplish. For example, a $50 donation to Helen Keller International can provide vitamin A supplements to protect 37 children from blindness.

If this sounds interesting to you, consider taking the pledge.